Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Top Priority

  • Emerald Robinson proclaims that “America is a Christian nation” and “if this offends you, then you should find another nation.”
  • Robert Knight declares that “by redefining marriage to dispense with the universally recognized male-female union, the [progressive] movement has engineered a legal juggernaut that criminalizes common sense and Judeo-Christian morality.”
  • Elijah Schaffer attempts to explain “why racism is actually good.”
  • Dave Daubenmire is boldly “supporting heterosexuality while it’s still legal.”
  • Does Ben Zeisloft actually believe that this is a logical argument? “Men can be pastors. Men cannot be mothers. Women can be mothers. Women cannot be pastors.”
  • Finally, during a religious-right forum last week, candidates running for chair of the Republican Party of Texas were asked to list their top three priorities. Mike Garcia said his main priority is putting God and prayer into public schools.
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