Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Superhero Who Doesn’t Wear a Cape

  • Jim Garlow has nothing but praise for President Trump: “Flawed or not, I praise God for this Winston Churchillian, Cyrus-like leader.”
  • Rick Joyner sees prophetic significance in the result of the NFC Championship game.
  • Josh Bernstein says that he deserves your financial support because he “takes a lot of arrows for freedom” and is “a superhero who does not wear a cape.”
  • Stephen Strang thinks that it is interesting that Andrew Breitbart “attacked the Clintons and now he’s dead.”
  • Finally, so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor issues a dire warning: “No matter what Pelosi and the Cabal had in mind for POTUS and VPOTUS, nothing and I mean NOTHING will touch God’s annointed! God’s Hand is upon him and woe, woe, woe, to those that lift there hand to harm him! You would be better off if you were not born! Repent! …”