Josh Bernstein Was Not Impressed By ‘The Million Skank March’

Right-wing radio host Josh Bernstein appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program yesterday, where he voiced his displeasure with last weekend’s Women’s March on Washington, saying that all those who participated “should be ashamed of themselves” because the march was only about “bashing Donald Trump.”

Bernstein said that Madonna should be arrested and imprisoned for life for the comments she made at the rally and blasted actress Ashley Judd “for reading that horrible, disgusting poem.”

“I’ve been renaming it the ‘Million Skank March’ for a reason,” he said, “because these women were absolutely horrendous, dressing up in women’s private parts costumes and running around … I’ve talked to lots of women on both sides of the aisle and they are disgusted by the behavior of these Hollywood elite idiots.”

“This is what feminism and the feminazi movement have devolved into in the year 2017 ,” Bernstein added, saying that First Daughter Ivanka Trump is what a “real feminist” looks like because “she is the type of woman that women should look up to, not these old, postmenopausal skanks from Hollywood that are really just deplorable and disgusting in every fashion.”