Josh Bernstein: Drag Queen Story Hour Is ‘Borderline Pedophilia’

Drag Queen Story Hour involves exactly what its name suggests—drag queens reading stories to children—and right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein wants the federal government to outlaw it on the grounds that it is “borderline pedophilia.”

“This is child abuse,” Bernstein declared in a video posted on Friday. “This is child endangerment and, among other things, I think that this should be illegal. I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression, but I don’t believe in indoctrinating and confusing and abusing, mentally and emotionally, little children to think that they don’t even know what sex they are. Think of the damage that this will have on these children as they grow up and get older. Many of them will commit suicide because they don’t know which gender that they identify with.”

“This is a crime against children,” he added. “This is borderline pedophilia, in a lot of ways. Now, they may not be touching or caressing these children, but they are mentally abusing these children. They are confusing these children. This should be shut down. I think that there should be an investigation in many of these states; maybe even the federal government ought to get involved by shutting this down. This is child abuse, child endangerment.”