Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Pot Calling The Kettle Beck

  • Glenn Beck—yes, Glenn Beck!—is blasting CNN for peddling bizarre conspiracy theories.
  • Liberty Counsel claims that it held a “non-partisan, apolitical, religious service” for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh yesterday.
  • Right-wing pastor George Pearsons reports that he “can hear the voice of the Lord [say] ‘Thank you,'” whenever he leaves the voting booth after casting his ballot for righteousness.
  • Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire insists that the controversy surrounding Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer for allegedly ignoring domestic abuse is the work of a “Jezebel spirit” that is intent on destroying masculinity by taking down Ohio State’s football program.
  • Finally, Religious Right activist E.W. Jackson agrees with President Trump that the media—except Fox News of course—is the enemy of the people: “Most mainstream media except FOX News ARE enemies of the people. They would side with any lie that justifies toppling Pres. Trump, elected by “the people.” What does that make them? The people’s enemies.”