Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 10/27/16

  • Glenn Beck is very sorry: “I want to sincerely apologize for being such a self righteous, pompous, know it all … I have been a real ass. I have a ton to work on. Man it sucks to have all of your flaws and mistakes on air everyday. What an ass. Especially this year.”
  • Mark Creech tells Christians who refuse to vote for Donald Trump that “you may be seeking to serve your conscience, but you are not necessarily serving your country.”
  • Rep. Kevin Yoder says that he will support Donald Trump “no matter what crazy things he says.”
  • Ann Coulter says that “our country will be Zimbabwe, but—if all goes according to the Democrats’ plan—they’ll get to be Mugabe. That’s Hillary’s dream.”
  • Finally, you have been warned: “The Illuminati, a secret Satanic organization, uses mind control techniques on the innocent, especially children, because of the pain it causes them, and women, for sexual purposes. The aftereffects of mind control is the theme behind Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake.'”