Another Glenn Beck Prediction Falls Flat

Last January, on the day that President Obama was set to deliver his final State of the Union address, Glenn Beck boldly predicted that Obama’s speech that night would not, in fact, be his final State of the Union address.

Beck told his audience on his radio show on January 12, 2016 to “mark my words” because “next year, he will deliver another State of the Union.” Beck argued that Obama is such a raging narcissist that he would be unable to resist breaking with historic precedent so that he could deliver one final official State of the Union speech before leaving office.

“No way this president gives up a chance to say, ‘And here’s what I accomplished,'” Beck said. “No way!”

According to Beck’s theory, Obama moved up the date of last year’s address in order to “prep people” so that he could justify delivering another one around the same time this year, prior to leaving office.

“You bet, you bet, you bet, that is exactly what he is doing,” Beck said. “He is going to do another State of the Union next year, you mark my words! … He is an egomaniac. He is not going to let that last stage, that last chance for him to say something eloquent and beautiful and uplifting and stirring and have the waters recede after he speaks; he’s going to take that opportunity, you know it! You know it.”

Obama, of course, leaves office tomorrow, and is doing so without having delivered another State of the Union address, as Beck so confidently predicted.