Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Orange Mask Assassination Code

  • DeAnna Lorraine has been suspended from Twitter for seven days for spreading misinformation about COVID-19.
  • Jeanine Pirro appeared as a guest on QAnon conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel’s YouTube program Monday night.
  • Shane Idleman says that he does not take seriously the complaints about President Donald Trump’s character: “The President is hated, not because of his character, but because of what he stands for. He is a disruptive force. If the abortion industry, George Soros, most of the media, ANTIFA, and Hollywood are on your side, are you sure that you’re on the right side?”
  • Kenneth Copeland claims that he literally saw the “anointing of God” fall on Michele Bachmann during her 2012 run for president: “God had chosen her to be president of the United States that year, and if it hadn’t been for lazy Christians, she would have been.”
  • Dave Daubenmire reports that he received a visit from the Secret Service after calling for Hillary Clinton to be executed, but that is not hindering his plans to organize a right-wing protest outside her home over Halloween weekend.
  • Finally, Mark Taylor asserts that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s orange mask was “an assassination code” worn to activate “someone that’s out there that’s mind-controlled.”