Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Kavanaugh Reaction

  • The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins reacted to the first day of hearings on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court by warning that if conservative Christians don’t vote in the midterm elections, it “could result in the loss of not just the fundamental freedoms reestablished in the last two years, but the loss of the Republic as we have known it.”
  • Intercessors for America tells activists that “if your elected official was one of the ones caught protesting [during the Kavanaugh hearing], we suggest letting them know that you expect better behavior as they represent your district.”
  • Gary Bauer of American Values says that Kavanaugh must be confirmed because “the left is only one vote away from erasing the Second Amendment right of an individual to own a firearm to protect himself and his family. And it is only one vote away from gutting the First Amendment and redefining it to mean freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion.”
  • Richard Land of the Southern Evangelical Seminary issued a statement praising President Trump for “remaking the federal court,” celebrating the fact that “a radical new federal judiciary could be with us for a long time after Mr. Trump is gone.”
  • Finally, the American Family Association issued a statement from president Tim Wildmon via email declaring that the hearing shows that “the left is becoming more and more open with their hatred for President Trump and anyone who is associated with his administration. Quite frankly, it’s getting dangerous for these people and their families.”