BarbWire Column: Kavanaugh Passed Trump’s ‘Immigration Litmus Test’

Brett Kavanaugh at White House announcement of his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court (Image from White House broadcast)

BarbWire, a right-wing media platform run by anti-LGBTQ activist Matt Barber, ran a commentary on Wednesday morning praising Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s “America First” record.

The author, blogger Arthur Schaper, credited anti-immigration pundit Ann Coulter for having promoted Kavanaugh: “She argued consistently that he was the best candidate for advancing the ‘America First’ agenda.” Among the cases Schaper cited is a workers’ rights case in which Kavanaugh dissented, “writing that illegal aliens do not count as workers in a labor union because they are not citizens.”

“This judicial vetting process that led to Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the first time to my knowledge that the President, the political class, and the public at large applied an immigration litmus test,” Schaper wrote.

“The rule of law is at stake, especially in the blue bastions of resistance like California and New York,” said Schaper. “This country needs a federal judiciary ready to challenge this regional rebellion.”

“Trump could have but didn’t choose a ‘consensus’ choice,” Schaper wrote. “Kavanaugh has a definitive, controversial, and consistently conservative record.”

The BarbWire column praised Kavanaugh for not being “afraid to be a losing dissenter”—which is true, as People For the American Way’s recent report on Kavanaugh’s troubling dissents makes clear.

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