Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 6/16/17

  • Joseph Farah is very upset by Danica Roem, a transgender candidate seeking a seat in Virginia’s legislature: “Where’s the common sense these days? If I say I feel like a ham sandwich, does that entitle me to get on the menu of a non-kosher deli?The end result of this cultural phenomenon – the absolute celebration of transgenderism – is twisting the minds and hearts of young people across the country. It is not only causing gender confusion, it is causing mass cultural disorientation and societal irrationality.”
  • Bryan Fischer says the Southern Poverty Law Center is “like a guy who gives gasoline and matches to a teenager and then feigns innocence and utter shock when the kid burns down a house.”
  • Mat Staver is likewise not a fan of the organization: “The Southern Poverty Law Center is intent on destroying pro-family organizations. This dangerous action by the SPLC must cease. How many attempted mass murders and violent crimes will it take for the SPLC to stop this dangerous labeling? The SPLC must cease and desist.”
  • The National Organization for Marriage continues to beg for money.
  • Finally, Michael Bresciani has an opinion: “The Muslims don’t see that no one should die for any religion and the Sodomite can’t see that Christ died for them and they must stop flaunting their sodomy and painting it with pride and the colors of the rainbow.Sodomy is still sin and Sharia is still a byproduct of a demonically induced vison that crept out the caves of Medina long ago and has spawned a world full of terror in the present day. Reprobates can’t figure this out.”

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