Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Age of Apostasy

  • Scott Lively has “finally come to the conclusion that the culture war is lost and we’ve passed the point of no return in the collapse of Judeo-Christian civilization. The age of apostasy is upon us, and tribulation awaits.”
  • Rick Wiles believes that Jeffrey Epstein is “alive and well” and living in another country after receiving a full face transplant, “or maybe even a head transplant.”
  • Chris McDonald, who has dedicated numerous programs to using gematria to uncover the supposedly hidden symbolism behind current events, is now outraged about those who think there might be something nefarious about Mark Taylor’s Twitter handle.
  • Bill Mitchell has now completely caved on the issue of red flag gun laws and is abjectly apologizing to MAGA world.
  • God told pastor Francis Myles that President Trump is not racist.
  • Finally, John Zmirak asserts that Beto O’Rourke has the same worldview as white supremacist Richard Spencer.