Rick Wiles: Shadow Government Death Squads Murdered Antonin Scalia

Last week, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles asserted that the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas had been carried out by a “super secret covert killing team” that answers to a secret government that controls the world. Wiles doubled down on that assertion on his “TruNews” radio show on Monday, saying that one of these top secret death squads had been responsible for murdering the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia.

“I am going to stand by my claim that America has death squads,” he said. “I’m not saying it’s the U.S. government, I’m saying there is a government beyond a level that any of us know about. There is a top secret shadow government that very few people know exist.”

“Henry Kissinger is the secretary of state of the New World Order,” Wiles added. “There is a secret shadow government, it has its own infrastructure, its own courts, its own laws, its own structures, its own prisons. They sit and they laugh at the American people believing that these people in Washington and Congress and the White House and the Supreme Court are actually the government. They’re not the government, they’re puppets.”

“If they ever act like they’re the real government, the death squads will show up,” he continued. “Ask Judge Scalia what happens. You’ll have a pillow case put over your face and they’ll carry your body away and U.S. marshals won’t even get your body, somebody else will take your body, they’ll never call the police. A Supreme Court justice dead with a pillow case over his face and the police weren’t called. Who can do that kind of stuff, Doc? A shadow government. Who can kill 50-some people at Mandalay and get away with it? A shadow government, it’s a death squad that is operating in this country.”