Gematria, Professional Wrestling, and Trump’s Biblical Border Wall

Right-wing commentator Christopher McDonald dedicated a recent episode of his “The Mc Files” program to explaining how gematria can expose the deep state’s practice of using brainwashing and mind control to manipulate the American people.

McDonald’s guest was Zachary Hubbard, a supposed expert in gematria, which is the belief that letters and words contain numerical value that, when properly decoded, reveal hidden truths about the world. In order to demonstrate how this works, Hubbard attempted to explain how President Trump’s proposed Southern border wall “is biblical” based on the ending time of a speech that Trump recently delivered, as well as developments in the world of professional wrestling involving wrestler Chris Jericho.

“Donald Trump, he just gave his address from the Oval Office about the government shutdown and the crisis at the border and advocating for why we need the wall,” Hubbard said. “That speech ended right at 9:11 p.m. Eastern time, where the president was. It ended at 9:11 sharp and that was not an accident. Recall, Donald Trump was announced as the 45th president-elect on November 9, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. If you take the alphabetic order and the rules of numerology, ‘Berlin Wall’ sums to 45. So Donald Trump becomes the 45th president-elect on the anniversary of the fall of the wall, a man who ran a campaign that had a lot to do with building a wall.”

“That date—November 9—can be written 9-slash-11, like 9/11, so then he gives his speech and it ends at 9:11 sharp,” he continued. “Now, in the world of entertainment, what was going on that same day was the wrestler Jericho—Jericho in the Bible has to do with a wall, the wall that’s blown down by the trumpets and we have the Trump-Pence ticket, like trumpets.”

“All of this is biblical, the Trump-Pence ticket and the wall,” Hubbard declared. “So you have this wrestler Jericho, he becomes the big story in the world of wrestling the same day that Trump is giving this speech and if you look up what day his birthday is, it is November 9. His birthday is November 9 and not only that, he’s 48 years old. And why does that matter? Well, if you write out the word ‘wall’ with the alphabetic order … ‘wall’ equals 48. If you write out the name ‘Donald Trump’ with the alphabetic order and the rules of numerology, ‘Donald Trump’ is 48.”