Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Taking Orders From the Devil Himself

  • Clay Clark excitedly announced that Donald Trump Jr. will be joining Michael Flynn and the cavalcade of COVID-19, election, and QAnon conspiracy theorists at an upcoming “ReAwaken America” event in Virginia.
  • Speaking of QAnon conspiracy theorists, Johnny Enlow is not sure if the Earth is round or flat.
  • The leader of the group “protecting” a Catholic church from pro-choice protesters last weekend appeared on “The Stew Peters Show” Tuesday night, where he claimed that the protesters were following “literal direct orders from the devil himself.” The individual was identified as “Chad McDowell” on the show, but his real name appears to be Max Bernegger.
  • Last weekend, Jaden McNeil and Simon Dickerman, two former associates of white nationalist Nick Fuentes, spent more than 4 hours dishing dirt about Fuentes, who subsequently responded with a nearly 5-hour livestream defending himself and attacking his critics.
  • Finally, a message from white nationalist Vincent James: “We’re going to ban abortion and contraceptives. We’re going to ban gay marriage. We’re going to ban gender studies, and bring JESUS CHRIST back into public schools. You can cry all you want, but there’s literally nothing you can do about it. And you don’t like it, you can move back to the shithole states you destroyed.”