Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Some Kind of Crime

  • Nick Fuentes says we’ll never run out of oil because “oil is infinite” and was put here by God for us to burn: “We need to burn oil so that we can create a stronger atmosphere to keep carbon inside the atmosphere. This is all scientific.”
  • White nationalist Tyler Russell heaps praise upon Tucker Carlson for using his Fox New program to spread their message: “He’s the last remaining media personality on TV who is our guy, and it is imperative that we make sure he stays there.”
  • Hank Kunneman, a self-proclaimed “prophet” who repeatedly guaranteed that Trump would win reelection, rants yet again that “the election was stolen”: “You took almost 100 million of us—probably more—you took our vote, and you’re stealing our voice.”
  • QAnon conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed “prophet” Johnny Enlow declares that “the Supreme Court of Heaven already decertified the 2020 election” and that Trump “has never been out of his position as supreme governmental leader on the planet.”
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt accuses Sen. Mitt Romney of pushing polygamy to abuse women.
  • Dave Daubenmire promotes the film “Bloody Hill: The Seven Abominations of January Sixth”: “They talk about Jan 6 as an ‘insurrection’ as if 2 million men and women marching on Washington is some kind of crime.” Maybe it was the violence that was some kind of crime?