Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Race Traitor Behavior

  • Everett Piper says “the babbling incoherence of Judge [Ketanji Brown] Jackson, whereby she claims not to know something that any 5-year-old surely knows, shines a light on the sobering fact that we are about to have a Supreme Court justice who doesn’t believe in facts.”
  • Patrick Howley stands by his assertion that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, is a “race traitor”: “Promoting minorities over Whites and bragging about it, especially when the minorities are just stooges of the malicious government agenda, is race traitor behavior.”
  • Stew Peters has a complaint: “Watching the hockey game on TV, and I have not seen ONE commercial with white people in it. The great replacement is not ‘conspiracy.'”
  • Speaking of Peters, white nationalist streamer Jared Noble (aka “Woozuh”) is challenging him to a fight: “Who’s got the testicular fortitude now? That’s right. You are a coward and a cuck. You wouldn’t last 3 rounds in the ring against me Stew I would light you up.”
  • Finally, Oklahoma state Senate candidate Jarrin Jackson pretended an old printer was a Dominion voting machine and shot it up … because ‘Merica.