‘Journalists Are Demonic’: Stew Peters And Stella Immanuel Freak Out Over The Daily Beast

Last month, Right Wing Watch posted a clip to our Twitter page of right-wing anti-vaccine “expert” Stella Immanuel claiming that if Christians who have taken a COVID-19 vaccine will simply repent and pray, God will forgive them and physically cast the vaccine out of their bodies.

Reporter Zachary Petrizzo wrote a short piece about the clip for The Daily Beast, and now Immanuel is accusing him of being possessed by demons.

Immanuel appeared Tuesday on “The Stew Peters Show,” where she and Peters attacked The Daily Beast and its reporters, repeatedly asserting that they are not even human.

“Well, The Daily Beast is really putting in the work to live up to its name,” fumed Peters. “They want to be the newspaper of the Beast of Revelation. The Daily Beast just put out a hit piece against Dr. Stella Immanuel, a recurring guest on this program. The Beast ridicules Dr. Immanuel because she suggested that praying over COVID patients to help them recover is a legitimate thing.”

Immanuel, of course, was not simply encouraging people to pray for those with COVID-19; she was claiming that prayer can physically remove the vaccine from people’s bodies.

“Journalists are demonic,” Peters continued in his rant Tuesday. “They hate religion. They hate Christ. They hate God. They hate prayer. They worship a different god—the golden calf they call the vaccine—and they want you to receive communion in the form of a booster shot four, or six, or 12 times a year.”

“They are blood drinkers,” Immanuel agreed. “They want people to die. They want to make money. They want to reduce the population. And of course, they see me as some voice that is standing against all this because why should The Daily Beast, why should Rachel Maddow, all these people do hit pieces on me?”

“These Daily Beast people are funded directly by the Clinton machine,” Peters responded. “They’re directly tied to Hillary Clinton. Think of the blood and the kids—the innocent children—and all the rape and incest and lives that have been lost at the hands of people like that.”

“All of this is part of a plan to overthrow the government and kill Christians,” Peters continued. “This is a war on Christianity, the elimination of God, the elimination of your spiritual connection with Jesus Christ, the deletion of your God gene—if there is such a thing—and trying to control your thoughts and your body and your mind and dehabilitate anybody who is a dissident or anybody who says, ‘No, no, no, I don’t want that.’ They will then either lock you up or kill you and then kill your kids. … These aren’t even people. These are like a lizard species. This is a reptilian species.”

“I would dare any one of them to lock me up [in a room for] one hour with them in prayer, and they will be on the floor slithering like snakes,” Immanuel declared. “They’re just writing about me. We’re gonna pray that them snakes come out of them very soon.”