Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Professing Christians

  • Far-right preacher Joshua Feuerstein reports that he is launching a streaming network and has “signed Kari Lake to a show.” That seems like a fitting partnership.
  • Elijah Schaffer claims that he is doing consulting for the GOP. That also seems like a fitting partnership.
  • If you are a Christian nationalist pseudo-historian like David Barton, how do you explain away slavery? By insisting that while southern slave owners may have been “professing Christians,” they weren’t real Christians because “they weren’t biblical Christians.”
  • If this is the best that Janet Porter can come up with to oppose a constitutional amendment protecting reproductive rights in Ohio, it should pass in a landslide.
  • Finally, nothing quite encapsulates the fetid state of right-wing media like far-right conspiracy theorist Stew Peters interviewing the niece of Osama bin Laden for a 30-minute segment alleging that Barack Obama is gay and Michelle Obama is a man.