Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Exactly What Happened in Germany

  • Laura Loomer believes that conservatives “should be investing all of their energy into destroying big tech and giving their executives and employees the worst fate possible for the treason they have committed against our country. And yes, they committed treason. And yes, our country has an appropriate punishment for treason.”
  • Anti-vax activist Simone Gold was sentenced to 60 days in prison for storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, prompting right-wing commentator Eric Metaxas to tell her that “since you’re Jewish, I can just say I know in history this is exactly what happened in Germany.”
  • “I’m a proponent of bullying,” Dalton Clodfelter says. “If you’re trans, you should be bullied and not be trans any more. … Start bullying again and make sodomy and homosexual relations and being trans illegal.”
  • Nick Fuentes declares that “if I died in the near future I would instantly become one of the most popular folk heroes in RW politics. People can’t fully appreciate me while I’m alive because I’m too awesome.”
  • David Barton asserts that he “literally can show you a Bible verse in the Bible and show you language in the Constitution, and you’ll go, ‘That is the same language.'”
  • Finally, even though authorities released surveillance footage of someone planting explosives at the Georgia Guidestones, conspiracy theorist Stew Peters insists they were destroyed by lightning: “It’s entirely appropriate for God to personally destroy the Georgia Guidestones.”