Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Perversion Portals

  • David Lane declares that “much like Sodom, contemporary American education engages unreservedly in grooming the next generation for immorality and sexual perversion. Pursuing excessive indulgence of lust and animalism gets now the highest grades in public education.”
  • Scott Lively proclaims that “homo-fascism is insidious and deadly and it must be fought first in the streets before honest judges can overturn it in the courts”: “Our people should be constantly ‘mis-gendering’ and ‘dead-naming’ and otherwise (non-violently) ‘breaking’ those unconstitutional laws for the purpose of creating martyrs with standing to sue the government and every woke institution that practices homo-fascism.”
  • Ali Alexander asserts that “the Inquisition was cool” while “public schools are not cool.”
  • Anti-feminist streamer Pearl Davis interviewed Nick Fuentes on her show and didn’t understand why she got so much criticism about it. Now, Davis has removed all the Fuentes shows from the channel and issued an apology: “In hindsight, that wasn’t smart.”
  • Stella Immanuel warns that drag queen performances open “a portal” through which children are infected with “a spirit of perversion”: “It is a possession exercise.”
  • Finally, the only one surprised to discover that Elijah Schaffer’s fans don’t believe that the “good guys” won World War II is Elijah Schaffer.