Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘Multiculturalism Is Gay’

  • Jackson Lahmeyer declares that “we need trials for public health officials and government bureaucrats that oversaw COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Let’s make sure these abuses of power can never happen again and start with Anthony Fauci!”
  • “This is the most racist thing I’ll say all podcast,” seems like an odd way to begin making your argument, but we’re not Elijah Schaffer: “Multiculturalism is gay. It sucks. It’s stupid. It doesn’t work. It never has worked.”
  • Scott Lively asserts that “the most violent LGBT reactions have always been triggered by exposing their homosexual recruitment of children.”
  • David Lane says that if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade as expected, “tremendous pressure will now be applied to state legislators and courts” and the fight “will move from the judiciary to the legislative branch of government, hence to a place where success or failure is determined by grassroots, precinct-level organizing. Christians will have to take their civics game, therefore, to a whole new level.”
  • Finally, Vincent James delivered a misogynistic and antisemitic rant against Nina Jankowicz, the new head of the Disinformation Governance Board within the Department of Homeland Security, calling her a “Jewess bitch” and “a nasty ass Jew.”