Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Men of Integrity and Faith

  • Mat Staver continues to insist that the constitutional standard for impeachment requires “known violations of existing, criminal law,” which is not at all what he said when Barack Obama was president.
  • Frosty Woolridge calls on Congress to “shutdown all immigration immediately” in order to keep Muslims out of America: “Once in control of any country, Muslims destroy any artifact that fails to honor Allah. That means: everything. Then, they install Sharia Law, the most barbaric practices under the sun against women, children, animals, free speech, free thought and anything rational.”
  • Laurie Cardoza-Moore says that President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are “being attacked in similar fashion to bring them down because they are men of integrity and they are men of faith. They believe God’s covenant, and they are willing to defend it and move in the direction to get them there.”
  • Tom Horn, Carl Gallups, and Derek Gilbert spent a portion of a recent SkyWatch TV segment discussing the legitimacy of QAnon, which they all seemed inclined to believe.
  • Finally, Rodney Howard-Browne has deleted his tweet asserting that Jesus would “beat the crap” out of John Bolton, but fortunately we saved a screencap.