Alt-Right Activist Faith Goldy Wants To Be Mayor Of Toronto

(Screenshot / via Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington)

White nationalist activist Faith Goldy has been confirmed to be seeking election as the next mayor of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

Goldy is a self-identified ethno-nationalist–a term that people who want the government to enforce a white majority in Western nations ascribe to themselves–who told the white nationalist radio station Red Ice that “ethno-nationalism was the greatest propeller of human history when determining the maker or breaker of empire of civilization.”

She has also notably recited and defended the world-famous white supremacist “14 Words” slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” According to Goldy, reciting the slogan is “a simple statement of survival.”

Yesterday, Goldy posted a Twitter poll asking supporters whether she should challenge Toronto mayor John Tory, which resulted in 93 percent of her fans voting “Heck yes.”

Since then, Goldy has been pictured registering and has been confirmed to be contesting Tory in the next election. Columnist J.J. McCullough posted “an official candidacy statement” from Goldy on Twitter.

Goldy is one of many white nationalist activists in North America who has felt emboldened to pursue political office this year.