Carl Gallups: Migrant ‘Caravan’ Is the Judgment of God on America

Trump-loving right-wing pastor and die-hard birther conspiracy theorist Carl Gallups appeared on Jim Bakker’s television program last week, where he asserted that the group of Central American migrants that has reached the southern U.S. border is the judgment of God on America for having repeatedly “violated the borders” of divine law.

“You go all the way back to the Tower of Babel when the Lord scattered the nations and the Bible says, ‘He set their borders,'” said Gallups. “Borders for nations was God’s idea.”

“The bottom line is we violated the borders of the womb, we violated the borders of marriage, we violated the borders of sexuality, we’re violating the borders of God’s word and God says, ‘I will violate your borders,'” Gallups added. “We’re living in times where we’re watching this before our eyes and God’s people had better be serious about this. It’s spiritual, it’s demonic, it is real, God’s word tells us, and we’ve got some work to do. Our nation can be preserved, our sanctity and sanity can be preserved, or we can be given over to a depraved mind and it’s basically our choice.”