Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Liberals Are Under The Control Of The Devil

  • It has been confirmed that President Trump and Kellyanne Conway will be among those speaking at the Values Voter Summit.
  • Anti-immigration activist Mark Krikorian laughably claims that Democrats are being too inflexible in the debate over immigration, which means “that the Democrats will be responsible for the DACAs losing their work permits.”
  • According to an excerpt from Steve Strang’s new book about President Trump, James Robison believes that liberals are possessed by and under the control of Satan.
  • The Tea Party Patriots are demanding the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “step aside.”
  • Finally, Peter LaBarbera claims that “‘Christian’ anti-Semitism is 1 of the most wicked developments in history of the Church,” but apparently has no problem appearing at an event with Dave Daubenmire, who is an unabashed Christian anti-Semite.