Pass The Salt: Effort to ‘De-Christianize’ America Comes Mainly From ‘Jewish Organizations’

Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire has dedicated several recent episodes of his daily “Pass The Salt Live” webcast to attacking Jews while insisting that there is nothing anti-Semitic about doing so, and returned to the topic again today, this time with the assistance of pastor Charles Jennings of Truth in History Ministries. 

Jennings told Daubenmire that Jews have always been “the enemies of Jesus Christ” and are behind the efforts to “de-Christianize” America today.

Judaism, Jennings said, is a “perversion” of the Mosaic Law because “of out Babylon they came with their oral law which they codified and called the Talmud. The sacred book of Judaism is not the Torah of the Old Testament, it’s the Talmud, it’s the filthy book of about 13 volumes published by some seamy publication.”

“Now we see who the enemies of Christ really were,” Jennings continued. “They were members of the Jewish religion, of mixed blood, mainly of Edomite/Canaanite blood. Now, who is against Christianity and Christ today? There’s a lot of Israelites that are against Christ, but the organized effort to de-Christianize our nation has come from mainly Jewish organizations … Who rises up and files a lawsuit against county X because they have a cross on the yard of the courthouse or a nativity scene? Who has perverted our culture more than these people that hated Jesus and hated the apostles? It’s the same crowd.”