Dave Daubenmire Blames Trump’s Jewish Daughter And Son-In-Law For U.S. Airstrike On Syria

Broadcasting his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast from a McDonald’s in rural Kentucky this morning, Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire blamed the airstrike that the United States launched against Syria last night on the Jews who are advising President Trump, specifically Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

Insisting that the fact that he criticizes Jews does not make him anti-Semitic, Daubenmire complained that Israel was “created out of thin air” in 1948 and, ever since, its interests have dominated and controlled America’s foreign policy

“Why is it in America today, the only group that you cannot criticize are the Jews?” he asked. “Everything we do is about Israel.”

Daubenmire then floated the idea that the deep affinity for Israel among conservative Christians in the U.S. is actually part of the “great deception” that will occur in the End Times, asking “could it be possible that God wasn’t talking about that little slice of land when He was talking about Israel? Could it be He was talking about spiritual Israel?,” by which Daubenmire meant Christians.

“The Jews are lost,” he said. “Donald Trump’s number one adviser, from what I understand, is his son-in-law Jared Kushner. [Do you] think Jared Kushner has got the Holy Spirit? No. Why? Jared Kushner is a Jew. He’s a Jew. Donald Trump’s daughter—what’s her name? Ilanka? Ivanka—she converted to Judaism, alright? So Donald Trump has around him again—ah Coach, watch what you say here—those who love Israel.”

Daubenmire later warned that if Trump is surrounded by those “who are not Holy Ghost-filled,” it’ll be easy for him to be deceived “if he’s got Israel people whispering in his ear about Israel, Israel, Israel.”