Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hanging From Nooses

  • Josh Bernstein says that liberals in Hollywood are punching their tickets to Hell, “where you all belong.”
  • Lloyd Marcus won’t be celebrating Black History Month because it is “nothing more than a political weapon for Democrats/progressives to spread racial hate and further their lie that America is the greatest source of evil on the planet.”
  • Chris McDonald declares that government officials who testified in the impeachment hearing against President Donald Trump are traitors and are “lucky they’re not hanging from nooses.”
  • Charles LiMandri says the Super Bowl halftime show was “a hyper-sexual display resembling a frenzied pagan ritual” and a sign of the End Times.
  • Finally, while Scott Lively strongly supports Trump and considers him to be “our modern equivalent of a judge of the Israelite republic,” he warns that Trump “does not (yet) approach the righteousness of King Josiah.”