Scott Lively: Donald Trump Is ‘God’s Man’

Radical anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively is running for governor in Massachusetts and during a recent campaign appearance he pledged that, if elected, his first act would be to issue an executive order “to declare the personhood of the unborn” in order to create a “constitutional crisis ” that would force the Supreme Court to finally outlaw abortion in America.

“It would allow us to bring in the Trump administration and its exceedingly strong pro-life emphasis and to get this into the Supreme Court where we could take down Roe v Wade,” Lively said.

“I think Donald Trump is a greater politician genius than Bill Clinton was,” Lively raved. “Trump, he’s got the hand puppet like this, with the crude words coming out and they’re apoplectic about it, and over here, with the other hand, he’s fixing everything … and nobody even talks about it because all they can talk about is whether he’s potty-mouthed. It’s brilliant. The guy is just a genius.”

“But the deep state is not fooled and they’re trying to take him down, they’re like cornered rats,” Lively warned. “But I think he’s God’s man and I think because of that, I think he is going to win [reelection in 2020] and I think he is going to do even better than Ronald Reagan in 1984.”