Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Scott Lively Calls His Shot

  • Josh Bernstein has some thoughts about Sen. John McCain: “Wouldn’t it be justice if McLame was to be indicted and arrested? How great would it be if he died in a prison.”
  • CBN’s David Brody crows that his access to the White House under President Trump “has been phenomenal. I’m very appreciative to God for allowing it.”
  • A bold prediction from Scott Lively: “MARK MY WORDS, Like Baseball Legend Babe Ruth, I’m Calling My Shot: We will build a grassroots army in Massachusetts, and that army will take the executive branch in 2018, and the legislative branch in 2020, while also delivering the Bay State for President Trump in ’20.”
  • Corey Lewandowski is joining the political action committee established by Vice President Mike Pence.
  • Finally, Jack Burkman tells Larry Klayman that he thinks that John McCain chose to remain in a Vietnamese prison camp because he knew it would help his political career.