Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Globalist Chemotherapy

  • Scott Lively says that the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is actually globalist “chemotherapy” designed to weaken the world in an effort to kill President Donald Trump’s chance of being reelected.
  • Ben Shapiro is “sick and tired” of the coronavirus outbreak being politicized and says that anyone pondering the political ramifications of the pandemic is “doing being human wrong.”
  • Two weeks ago, right-wing evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth predicted that America would be “minimally affected” by the coronavirus. Now he says that shutting down schools for two weeks “falls under the realm of minimal affect.”
  • The Federalist published an essay written by the director a right-wing energy advocacy organization that makes the ludicrous claim that the coronavirus outbreak is “accomplishing in a matter of weeks what Democrats’ Green New Deal could only hope to do. Crushing capitalism, putting the oil and gas industry into panic, ending travel, and controlling population would all be deliberate consequences of the radical Green New Deal.”
  • Cliff Kincaid declares that the virus outbreak is a Chinese bioweapon: “One doesn’t have to be an ‘expert’ to come to the obvious conclusion that China is experimenting with these weapons and that the communists are treating us like guinea pigs.”
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein says that Congress should investigate Joe Biden simply to damage his presidential campaign.