Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Gearing Up For The War On Christmas

  • The American Family Association is gearing up for the annual War on Christmas.
  • David Lane says that “it was a miracle of God” that Donald Trump became president and spared this nation from the horrors of Hillary Clinton.
  • Josh Bernstein insists that “the only reason Paul Manafort was indicted was to take the focus off of where the REAL crimes have been committed—Uranium One and the Trump Dossier.”
  • Peter LaBarbera and his fellow anti-LGBTQ activists are at war with Office Max because a store in Wisconsin refused to print some of LaBarbera’s flyers.
  • Finally, Scott Lively asserts that the courts are leading the way in promoting the LGBTQ agenda because “nearly all cases related to the LGBT agenda in the lower courts are funneled to activist homosexual judges whose lack of impartiality in their foregone conclusions is not even questioned, let alone considered a basis for recusal.”