Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 11/29/16

  • Patrick Mahoney calls upon President-elect Trump to “clarify his position on a Muslim Database and ensure that no one is targeted or forced to register because of their religious beliefs.”
  • David and Jason Benham say that “the agenda to impose participation and celebration of the gay lifestyle—and all the expressive events surrounding it—is more aggressive than ever before.”
  • Peter LaBarbera calls for a boycott of Zales because “the jewelry company created this 30-second commercial that helps normalize homosexuality-based ‘marriage’ by mixing it in with several images of normal, male-female relationships and marriages.”
  • Bryan Fischer tells Trump that “we are waiting to hear from you as our president-elect about exactly what you intend to do to prevent the next jihadi attack. Don’t make us wait any longer. “
  • Finally, Glenn Beck spent a good deal of time on his radio program today speculating that someone in the Oval Office was trying to send a message by placing a Norman Rockwell painting behind Trump when he met with President Obama. The only problem is that the painting has been in that same spot for over a year.