Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Five Pagan Supreme Court Justices

  • Chris McDonald has nothing but praise for “Based Amy,” the pro-Trump British activist who slashed the “Trump Baby” balloon that was flown during anti-Trump protests in London last week.
  • Sheila Zilinsky declares that “Libs want to sexualize any child they cannot kill. Demons!”
  • Bradlee Dean explains why homosexuality should be illegal: “The top U.S. serial killers were sodomites.”
  • Everett Piper thinks that “our country would be a lot better off if we taught our kids to celebrate a ‘month of humility’ rather than one of [LGBTQ] pride.”
  • Finally, David Lane has some questions: “Where are ‘equal rights’ for those who believe that homosexual behavior is sin as defined by Holy Scripture? If sexual desire or behavior toward a person or persons of one’s own sex is, on God’s authority, to be considered a vice, who then authorized the State to bless and hallow such vice and evangelize it through public education? Five pagan Supreme Court Justices?”