Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Addicted To Barack Obama

  • Tony Perkins says he doesn’t mind the fact that Trump is tweeting militaristic threats at foreign leaders: “Sometimes to get things back in order, you’ve got to mix it up a little bit.”
  • The Daily Caller’s vertical for horny people online “The Smoke Room” wrote an entire article about a Twitter poll asking people, “Is it okay for pro athletes to date porn stars?”
  • Right-wing twitter users who have reputations for spreading misleading information and riling up bad faith outrage are absolutely appalled that Twitter is no longer advertising their accounts in public searches. But what’s even more confusing is that Twitter won’t admit to what it is doing.
  • Pizzagate truther and One America News employee Jack Posobiec fell for an article posted by The Onion.
  • Bradlee Dean just can’t quit Barack Obama.