Muslim Candidates Running For Office ‘While The American People Sleep,’ Warns Bradlee Dean

Bradlee Dean (Image from You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International video "This is Bradlee Dean?")

Right-wing radio host and anti-gay activist Bradlee Dean published an anti-Muslim screed on his Sons of Liberty website on Monday. Dean’s piece drew heavily from blogger Deplorable Kel, who posted a list of Muslims running for office last summer and has been updating it with the results of recent primary elections.

Dean’s piece—titled “While the American People Sleep, The Muslims are Making Their Move for Government Positions!—started with this quote from Deplorable Kel:

Getting into positions of power is all part of the muslims [sic] goal to enforce sharia law. Muslims do not want to assimilate, they want to take over. They do not want to be your friend, they want to kill you. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim and there never will be. If we do not speak out, educate people and vote against these people, this will no longer be America.

Dean added, “Right on cue, and as I have scripturally warned (Deuteronomy 28:43, 63) over and over again, while men have slept, the enemy sows tares and tares they are sowing (Matthew 13:25).”

Unlike most Religious Right leaders, Dean does not seem enamored of Donald Trump or congressional Republicans, complaining that “on July 29th of this year, the Republicans (the best that you have, or so you have been told) caved on return to open borders immigration policy of Obama.”

Please do not act surprised, while men are lavishing their praise and approbation upon Donald Trump for ‘Making America Great Again,” do yourself a service and keep in mind that Donald signed the very omnibus bill in March of 2018 that Barack Hussein Obama contrived and teed up back in December of 2015.

Dean then reproduced from Deplorable Kel “a list of Muslims that are attempting to get into representative positions in your government.” The list includes dozens of people who were or are running at federal, state and local levels, and a shorter list of people who had already been elected.

The list ends with, “And let’s not forget, we had a Muslim in the White House for 8 years!”

The comments on Kel’s post are predictably, well, deplorable. They include the kind of claims made by Religious Right leaders that Islam is not really a religion, but a political ideology—a justification given by some Religious Right activists to argue that American Muslims are not covered by the First Amendment’s religious freedom protections.

Dean once likened the Sandy Hook shootings to Hitler “attacking his own Reichstag to start a world war.”

Dean, drummer for the band Junkyard Prophet, says he has made hundreds of presentations in public schools through his “You Can Run But You Cannot Hide” ministry, though he says government has no business in education and Christian parents cannot justify sending their children to public schools.