Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Extinction-Level Event

  • Robin Bullock claims that God recently told him that “everyone knows that the Democrat Party is evil.”
  • Samuel Rodriguez will be joining Hank Kunneman, Mario Murillo, and others for a conference in September.
  • Dave Hayes (aka “The Praying Medic”) recently had a dream about celebrities being unable to use social media, which he interprets to mean that President Joe Biden will take down social media platforms when it’s soon revealed that he “was not a legitimately elected president.”
  • Lauren Witzke has a question: “If Jesus Christ is now being banned for “White supremacy” does that end the controversy and confirm that Jesus was indeed White?”
  • Finally, Stew Peters declares that evil is sweeping the country and warns that if former President Donald Trump “doesn’t come back within the next 60 days, I believe that we are looking at an extinction-level event.”