‘Prophet’ Robin Bullock Insists That Biden ‘Is Not the President’

Right-wing pastor Robin Bullock is among the various self-proclaimed “prophets” who guaranteed that Donald Trump would win the 2020 election. Like many of those otherprophets,” Bullock still refuses to accept that his prophecies were wrong even though President Joe Biden has been in the White House for over a month.

During a service on Tuesday, Bullock railed against Biden, insisting that he is nothing more than a usurper who is attempting to delegitimize the prophets by preventing their prophecies that Trump would serve a second term from coming true.

“We are in a full-on spiritual war,” Bullock said. “What we would call an administration is not one at all. There is no administration right this moment in the White House. Now, I’m just telling you straight up there’s not one there. Now you say, ‘Well, what are you talking about Brother Robin? That sounds crazy.’ Well, I’m about to explain myself. … There’s not an administration in the White House or in the Capitol. When the war left the heavens and came to the ground, this so-called administration is actually a regime whose sole purpose is to stop a prophecy from coming to pass. That’s what it is.”

“This man is not the president,” Bullock continued. “He’s sitting in the seat, but that’s not who he is. There’s no anointing there. The rightful king is still the rightful king, and he will be the rightful leader. It can’t ever really change until he’s voted out, and he’s never been voted out yet. … Why do you think there’s wire and razor wire and fencing and troops and force and show of everything around [the Capitol]? You only see this in third world countries. The reason is because he’s not right. And now this whole what men are calling an administration is to do nothing. Its sole purpose is to keep the prophecy that the prophets gave that the rightful president would be in office again, and this whole thing is to keep that from happening.”