Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Dunderhead

  • The Family Research Council has launched a new digital media outlet named The Washington Stand.
  • Stew Peters is “an alpha male” and that is why he “will NOT be gaslighted into just believing” that the Earth is round.
  • White nationalist John Doyle doesn’t understand why he’s supposed to care that multiple children were killed in Uvalde, Texas: “This is the most abominable culture in the history of the world, probably. Of course kids are going to be shot in a school.”
  • Kandiss Taylor, who received 3.4 percent of the vote in Georgia’s GOP gubernatorial primary, claims the election was stolen and refuses to concede, praying that those responsible for this “crime” will “feel so guilty [that] they come forward”: “We pray for guilt.”
  • Jarrin Jackson declares that public school curriculum “isn’t developed by people who love Jesus Christ, but by people who hate America.”
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau is outraged that the new quarter design depicts George Washington facing away from “In God We Trust”: “There’s significance in these things, dunderhead!”