Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Demonic Manifestations

  • Michele Bachmann warns of the possibility of massive voter fraud in which completed mail-in ballots printed in China are smuggled into the United States and stored in barns until they are needed to steal the election from President Donald Trump.
  • Brenden Dilley’s “gut” tells him that the bombshell New York Times article about Trump’s taxes was leaked by Trump himself as part of a “disinformation” campaign.
  • Eddie Hyatt explains that he no longer sees Trump’s “personality and temperament as a negative, but as a positive, and precisely what is needed at this time in America’s history. This change in my own perspective is a big reason I have changed my mind about Donald Trump and now believe he was God’s choice to be president of these United States of America.”
  • Frank Amedia is not happy about our coverage of his POTUS Shield events last week at which he and others celebrated the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  • Finally, Mark Taylor says that when Trump was jeered by the crowd paying respects to Ginsburg last week, “those were demonic manifestations from that crowd.”