Religious-Right ‘Prayer Warriors’ Celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death as ‘Move of God’ to Save Trump’s Presidency, Warn Trump Opponents That God Might Not Be Done Killing 

POTUS Shield founder Frank Amedia in a May 11, 2020 video message to POTUS Shield's "warriors, worshippers, and watchmen."

A group of “prayer warriors” associated with the pro-Trump “prophetic” network POTUS Shield is celebrating the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as an answer to prayer and a miraculous “move of God” to allow President Donald Trump to name a third Supreme Court justice in his first term. Trump-supporting religious-right supporters have often prayed for God to “remove” Supreme Court justices to give Trump the ability to name justices to the court who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

POTUS Shield founder Frank Amedia, a former Trump campaign adviser, prophesied early in Trump’s presidency that God would give Trump three Supreme Court justices in his first term. Amedia has also been talking for months about a “prophetic” dream he had in which he saw Trump sinking into a swamp until God reached down and with his thumb and forefinger plucked Trump out by the head, flinging him in the air. Amedia predicted this divine intervention would take place in September, and on Sunday, he called Ginsburg’s death “the first breath” of the prophesied “blast” that God has in store. “The blast has just begun,” Amedia exulted.

Amedia is hosting a week’s work of prayer calls leading up to “The Return,” a major religious-right rally scheduled to take place online and on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Sept. 26. Organizers of “The Return” have portrayed it as a turning point in bringing spiritual revival to the U.S.—and putting Trump back in the White House.

On Saturday evening’s livestream, Amedia was excited about Ginsburg’s death, saying that prior to news of her death, he had ​started to worry about the three-justice prophecy God had given him. “How about the Lord?” he asked. “I mean, he just threw a monkey wrench into everything.”

In a message apparently written Saturday and shared with supporters via email and Facebook Sunday, Amedia wrote ​that Ginsburg’s death was indeed part of the divine intervention he had been predicting. The excited message was headlined, “The awaited prophetic move has begun!!” He declared that Ginsburg’s death was in answer to POTUS Shield’s Friday night prayers that God would hear “the cry of the blood of the 60 million murdered children​.” Misspelling Ginsburg’s name, Amedia added, “In less than one hour, the announcement of Ginsberg’s passing came out.”

“Do not lose the significant that God started this HEZEKIAH MIRACLE BLAST with the opening up of the third supreme justice seat ON ROSHA SHANA, the Hebrew NEW YEAR, the day that the Torah is refreshed and reset back to the TIME OF BEGINNINGS!!” Amedia wrote.

On Sunday evening​, Amedia called it “very interesting that a Jewish princess was taken home on Rosh Hashanah—or taken somewhere, praise the Lord, I’ll leave that to him.”

A few days earlier, on ​Sept. 16, day one of Amedia’s week of fasting and prayer, he accused Democratic candidate Joe Biden of having “blasphemed” against God when Biden mocked Trump’s assertion that a miracle would make COVID-19 disappear. Amedia portrayed Ginsburg’s death as God’s vindication and warned that Biden and his supporters should be careful. “I’m not wishing harm on Vice President Joe Biden” or people who walk with him, Amedia said Saturday, “but they better be careful. This is a very serious anointing that’s coming up.”

Amedia suggested that God might not be done taking out his opponents. “Some people may not make it until Nov​.3,” he said Sunday, adding that people “better be careful because God’s steamrolling.” Amedia cited stories from the Bible in which God crushed the Egyptian Army and sent an angel with a sword through an enemy camp slaughtering thousands.

“He’s a God of judgment and justice,” Amedia warned. “Everybody needs to be careful and watch what’s going on.”

Mark Gonazles, a Republican political operative and close associate of Amedia’s​, has been talking about politics on the nightly calls. Even before Ginsburg’s death, Gonzales celebrated that “we’re literally taking over the court system,” adding that conservatives need to keep the White House and Senate in Republican hands to ensure a Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade and the marriage-equality ruling in Obergefell. After Ginsburg’s death, Gonzales said, “I’m still trembling right now” because it was clear that God had moved “sovereignly” to ensure the seating of additional anti-choice judges.

Gonzales is working to boost conservative Christian voter turnout in ​the Senate and presidential battleground states, calling the election a “referendum on the church” and predicting that Republicans will take back House seats lost in 2018. Amedia, who has previously prophesied Trump’s reelection, said that God told him that Sen. Lindsey Graham ​of South Carolina will win by 5 percentage points and that Republicans will keep the Senate. Gonzales prayed that God would “move supernaturally” and shift 5 percent of voters in key races to flip elections “and align them with your kingdom.”

“We need the hammer of God to come forth,” Gonzales said.

Among other speakers that have joined Amedia’s nightly calls in recent days:

  • Kevin Jessip, who is working with End Times author Jonathan Cahn to organize “The Return.” Amedia said Jessiphas been organizing in spite of ​catching COVID-19 and struggling with ​the disease in recent weeks. Referring to the biblical passage about the angel of the Lord slaying Hezekiah’s opponents, Jessip said, “Let me tell you, the angel of the Lord is coming to Washington, D.C.,” adding that if there are any protesters, “they’re either going to run, because the presence of God is going to be so strong, or they’re going to bow down and repent right there.” 
  • Jerry Boykin, retired general, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, and member of POTUS Shield. Boykin mocked churches and Christians that support the Black Lives Matter movement, saying they “don’t have an ounce of discernment.” Boykin said he believes Trump’s support for Israel and religious freedom will ensure his reelection. Boykin said he hoped “The Return” on Sept. 26 will be the beginning of the next spiritual “Great Awakening” in the U.S. that will “turn this country back to God.” Boykin praised Trump administration actions on peace in the Middle East but expressed a concern that it should not be seen as a move toward a two-step solution, which is opposed by many religious-right leaders.
  • Prayer activist John Robb, a former World Vision official​. Robbtalked about instances of intercessory prayer that he claimed warded off violence and riots by left-wing activists, who he said are controlled by “demonic powers” and “violent, wicked spirits.” Robb claimed that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign was sunk by former FBI Director James Comey’s last-minute reopening of an investigation of her emails, which Robb credited to a national prayer assembly that took place the night before. Robb encouraged viewers to pray that “radical Democrats,” who he said are under the influence of “the evil one,” would be overthrown and that their ​alleged plans to incite civil war on Election Day to prevent Trump’s reelection would be frustrated.  
  • Anti-choice activist Alveda King​. King used her appearance to plug the congressional candidacy of her goddaughter and anti-LGBTQ Twitter ranter Angela Stanton-King, who is seeking the seat held by the late Rep. John Lewis, who​m King disparaged as having done “nothing” for his district.