‘We Do Not Accept Defeat’: Michele Bachmann Prayed God Would Maintain GOP Control of the House

Former Minnesota congresswoman and current Religious Right “pastor to the United Nations” Michele Bachmann was among the commentators providing live election night analysis on televangelist Kenneth Copland’s Believers Voice of Victory network last night, where she lead the panelists in prayer after it was forecast that Democrats would win control of the House of Representatives.

As the major networks and news outlets began to call the House for Democrats, Bachmann declared that “we do not accept defeat” and asked God to work a miracle to keep Republicans in control.

“Control of the House is still up for grabs,” she prayed. “So Lord, we have been trusting you and we are praying and we are praying by faith, oh God, believing for these seats. We do not accept defeat that has been already forecast by some of these networks. What we accept is your will and your sovereignty and that’s what we pray, Lord. We come in alignment with your will for the House and the Senate and for a government that reflects your kingdom and your values and your biblical, Father, precepts.”