Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Democrats Are Clinically Insane

  • Bill Deagle proclaims that Democrats “all belong in the booby hatch, they belong in a psych ward with a shot of anti-psychotic in their ass and a Posey jacket in a padded room. They’re nuts. They’re clinically insane.”
  • Josh Bernstein is urging his viewers never to get a flu shot because “they’re not needed [and] they’re not necessary.”
  • Mark Taylor claims that mass arrests of satanic pedophiles are taking place but that “you’re just not hearing about it.”
  • Peter LaBarbera declares that “Ellen Page is a gay fundamentalist.”
  • Stefan Molyneux delivers a nuclear hot take, comparing slavery to drugs and asserting that “blacks were the dealers.”
  • George Papadopoulos tweets, “Trust the plan,” a popular catchphrase among QAnon believers.
  • Finally, Sonny Hernandez has a warning for anyone who supports reproductive rights: “You must be warned about the great storm that is coming! There are no Doppler radar systems that can detect the size of this storm or when it will come, and no shelter can harbor you from the wrath that will be dispensed on that day, since it will come like a thief in the night. The wrath of God is coming—He will come in fire—to render His anger in fury. When the Lord comes, His enemies will be punished for their iniquity, and with wrathful rebukes, all the adversaries of the Lord shall be broken into pieces. God’s wrath will be kindled hot, and with great vengeance, His enemies will be propelled into Hell where their flesh will melt, and the foul stench of their rotten corps will be swept into the fiery flames that can never be eradicated. On that day, you will beg for mercy, but God will not hear you, because you will be surrounded by a conflagration of misery called ‘everlasting conscious torment.'”