Mark Taylor: ‘I View Martial Law As A Great Thing’

During his recent appearance on “The Sharpening Report,” so-called “firefighter prophet” and radical conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor predicted that President Trump will soon impose martial law, round up his enemies, and place them in concentration camps, which he thinks will be a great thing for America.

Taylor, who believes that figures like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will soon be tried by military tribunals and executed, praised Trump for turning the tables on the “deep state,” which he claimed was planning to put conservatives in concentration camps, and moving to impose those punishments on his enemies.

“I do think that they are going to declare martial law at some point,” Taylor said. “I view martial law as a great thing, under this administration.”

“Everything that the enemy meant for us—in other words, the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton—what they meant to do to us is now being turned back on them,” Taylor crowed. “They were intending on using martial law to round people up and put them in these concentration camps … That was their whole plan all along, but under this administration, it’s now to round them up. See, it’s being turned against them now. So, yes, I see martial law as a good thing.”

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