Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Complicit in Evil

  • Mario Murillo says that any Christian leader who congratulates President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will be complicit in “the evil that comes upon this nation.”
  • That is bad news for Richard Land, who recently wrote an open letter to Biden: “Mr. President, please allow me to congratulate you on behalf of millions of Evangelicals on having been elected to serve in the highest political office in the land.” We do have to say that it’s odd for Land to be congratulating Biden, given that he has repeatedly declared that having a Democrat in the Oval Office is a sign of God’s judgment on the United States.
  • Kat Kerr claimed to be speaking on behalf of God when she spent several minutes screaming that Donald Trump is still president while Biden is illegitimate, evil, “and one day his name will be like dust.”
  • Lance Wallnau called out prophets who refuse to repent for their false prophecies that Trump would win a second term, specifically an unnamed “woman with pink hair,” by which we assume he meant Kerr.
  • Speaking of refusing to repent, Steve Shultz of Elijah Steams said that if Trump didn’t serve his second term, he would apologize for all of the false prophecies he has been promoting. But even after Biden was inaugurated as president, Shultz still refuses to apologize because he contends that God is going to perform a miracle to restore Trump to office.
  • Finally, Bryan Fischer declares that “our political leadership is now in the hands of people who are not loyal to any of that. But our loyalty to God, Scripture, and our country requires us to oppose those who are enemies of Christianity, the Constitution, and public morality.”