Richard Land: A Democratic President Is God’s Judgment, A Republican President Is God’s Blessing

The Southern Evangelical Seminary’s Richard Land appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program this morning, where he laid out a relatively simply test for determining how God feels about America at any given moment: If a Democrat is in the White House, we are under God’s judgment, but if a Republican is president, then it is a sign of God’s blessing.

After host Perry Atkinson suggested that President Trump’s election was proof that God still cares about this nation because he didn’t “let Hillary Clinton win and [America] go totally into socialism,” Land declared that “great political leadership is a sign of God’s blessing, and its absence of a sign of God’s judgment.”

“I believe that Mrs. Clinton’s husband being president of the United States was a judgment of God on the United States for our immorality and for our sin, especially in the  child sacrifice of millions and millions of unborn babies,” Land said. “I believe that Barack Obama was the judgment of God on the United States for continuing down the road that we had been progressing under Bill Clinton.”

“I personally believe that Donald Trump’s election shows that God has given us a narrow reprieve,” he continued, “given us a little more time to turn back to him, to turn back to the God of our fathers before he sends even more judgment upon us.”

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