Kat Kerr Used ‘Heaven’s Oil’ to Anoint Israel and Guarantee Netanyahu’s Re-Election

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” and “weather warrior” Kat Kerr recently returned from a trip to Israel, where she claims to have successfully used oil obtained from Heaven to “anoint the land” so that Benjamin Netanyahu would be re-elected as prime minister.

Kerr said on her recent podcast that she arrived in Israel carrying a bottle of “Heaven’s oil,” which she said came from a church that has “a Bible that has not stopped producing this oil from Heaven.”

“This is legit,” she insisted. “It’s not made up.”

“The first day I arrived,” Kerr said, “God said, ‘You’re going to go outside and you’re going to anoint the land, the ground, with Heaven’s oil.'”

“And so I anointed the land for Netanyahu to win and stand for Israel and for God,” she reported.

“God had me stand on Mount Carmel and God spoke,” she added. “He said that he had chosen Netanyahu—this is before it was confirmed even that he won—that he had chosen Netanyahu to win, to serve in the same time to be a part of what our President Trump is doing, and that together they would do great things in the earth. God was going to celebrate that Netanyahu was winning and guess what? He did [win].”