Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Cleansing The Republican Party Of Sin And Filth

  • Don Boys stands by his “no scream, no rape” column: “The Bible and thousands of years of history support the fact that a rape victim must resist or there is no rape.”
  • Mike Cernovich has deleted swaths of old tweets from his profile.
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt celebrates that there are no openly gay Republican candidates running for office, praising “the Trump administration for cleansing the Republican Party of sin” and conservative Christians voters for “cleansing the Republican Party of such filth.”
  • Tony Perkins has a message to those who wonder how their Republican colleagues could dislike President Trump: “Let them be skeptical. Let them be critical. The results speak for themselves.”
  • When appearing on Newmax TV, Gavin McInnes says that he wishes Proud Boys wouldn’t use the word “faggot,” despite openly advocating that his followers use the word.
  • Finally, Pat Robertson cares more about securing an arms deal with Saudi Arabia than the fact that the Saudi government reportedly murdered a journalist.