Trump Says Democrats Are Pledging to ‘Let MS-13 Run Wild’

President Donald Trump at CPAC 2018. (Jared Holt for Right Wing Watch)

A weekend email from “Trump Headquarters”—otherwise known as the Republican National Committee—charges that “Democrats are pledging to erase America’s borders and let MS-13 run wild.” The email, signed by President Trump, also takes a couple shots at CNN, his favorite media target. The email asks recipients to sign an “official pledge to vote Republican.”

“Please sign the pledge by 11:59 PM tonight to get on the list of supporters who pledge to show up in November and elect MORE ALLIES of our patriotic America First Agenda,” reads the email, which ends with “WIN! WIN! WIN!”

Your pledge will let me know just how many conservatives are committed to showing up to vote for MORE allies of our agenda — and so that I can show CNN the next time they tell me about the so-called “blue wave.”

I don’t see a blue wave happening. All I see is a bankrupt political party led by Nancy Pelosi, disgraced Jim Comey, and a mob of open borders socialists.

Trump tells supporters that an incumbent’s party “usually takes a hit in the midterms” because presidents get complacent and forget about their die-hard supporters, but he assures them, “I WILL NEVER FORGET ABOUT YOU.”

You elected me to Make America Great Again! That is a pledge I will never walk away from. Every time I’m obstructed, I only get more motivated to fight back. I will work all hours of the night until you get the agenda you voted for.

Trump gets in one more dig at CNN on the petition-signing page:

President Trump needs to know how many conservatives are committed to showing up in November to elect MORE ALLIES in the House and Senate.

Plus, he can once and for all tell CNN that the blue wave isn’t coming!